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New games in the LC!

During today’s LC lunchtime session, LC staff members and students tried out some new English boardgames that came to the Language Commons! Everyone had fun and the boardgames seemed to be a good way to get everyone speaking English. Please come and try them if you have time!今日のLCランチタイムセッションでは、ランゲージコモンズにやってきた新しい英語のボードゲームを、LCスタッフと学生が試してみました! ボードゲームは、みんなが英語を話すきっかけになったようです。お時間のある方は、ぜひお試しください! We also have new full-sized jengaContinue reading “New games in the LC!”

The LC is becoming famous!

Last week, Professor Reinbold and Dan presented about the Language Commons at a self-access language learning conference held by Kanda University of International Studies. There were attendees from countries all over the world including China, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey, and Germany. They talked about the history of the LC and about what our plans areContinue reading “The LC is becoming famous!”

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