General Information

About the Language Commons

What is the Language Commons (LC)?

The Language Commons is a place where you can come outside of class to improve your English skills and make friends. You can come to learn at the LC by yourself or with a group of friends. At the LC you will also have the opportunity to meet and chat with students of different ages and from different majors.


What is our mission?

Add some basic info here and a Japanese translation.

What can you do at the LC?

The LC provides you, the student, with support in your exciting and rewarding journey as a language learner. In our LC community, you will find computers for self-study, areas where you can relax, chat, and even play board games. You will have the opportunity to meet with native speaker and Japanese teachers. You will have access to resources to help you practice pronunciation, as well as support for your writing, reading, and speaking skills. You can also use these resources to support your course work. Take advantage of the chance to meet new people and learn in the way that suits you best!
We hope that you will come and see what the LC can offer you.

LC は、学生であるあなたに、言語学習者としての楽しく実りある旅のサポートを提供します。LC のコミュニティには、自習用のコンピューターや、リラックスしたり、おしゃべりしたり、ボードゲームをしたりできるエリアがあります。ネイティブスピーカーや日本人の先生と会う機会もあります。発音練習に役立つものや、ライティング、リーディング、スピーキングスキルを向上させるためのサポートを受けることができます。LC で出来ることは必ず授業にも役立ちます。新しい人と出会い、自分に合った方法で学ぶ機会を逃さないでください!LC があなたに何を提供できるか、是非見に来てください。

LC Section Map


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