Conversation Hours – An amazing community at the LC!

This Tuesday (June 1st), all of us at the LC are excited about the start of Conversation Hours, a learning community that gives you the chance to practice your English with exchange students from different countries around the world! Check out the posters below and don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to boost your English skillContinue reading “Conversation Hours – An amazing community at the LC!”

The LC is part of the JASAL Registry!

We are delighted to announce that the LC has been added to the Japan Association for Self Access Learning’s (日本自律学習学会) Japan Language Learning Spaces Registry! This is a list of all of the major university self-access ( 自律学習 ) centers in Japan including Akita International University, Kanda University of International Studies, Ritsumeikan University, and KyushuContinue reading “The LC is part of the JASAL Registry!”