The LC is becoming famous!

Last week, Professor Reinbold and Dan presented about the Language Commons at a self-access language learning conference held by Kanda University of International Studies. There were attendees from countries all over the world including China, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey, and Germany. They talked about the history of the LC and about what our plans are for the future!

After the conference had finished, they were asked if they could provide some photos of the LC for the front page of an academic journal! This journal is called Studies in Self-access Learning, and is one of the most famous self-access language learning journals in the world! We are all very happy that people from all around the world are now able to see how our Language Commons is growing!
会議が終わった後、学術雑誌の一面にLCの写真を提供してもらえないかと頼まれたのです。この雑誌は「Studies in Self-access Learning」という名前で、世界で最も有名なセルフアクセス言語学習の雑誌の一つです。世界中の人々が、ランゲージコモンズの成長を目にすることができるようになったことを、私たちはとても嬉しく思います!

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